International CES Transforming EDU 2015


Join in the discussion at TransformingEDU 2015 as leading experts, educators, entrepreneurs and investors share the latest innovations and changes taking place in preK-20 education when it comes to technology for students, educators and campuses. Power Up for 21st Century Learning In 2015 we’ll hear the latest on trends including:

  •  Where are investments headed for educational technology both by schools, administrators and venture capitalists?
  •  What collaborative platforms are best leveraging digital content in the classrooms for students and educators?
  •  What technology is being adopted in the face of demand for skills-based graduates?
  •  Where are K-12 institutions investing their dollars in technology?
  •  How are technological advancements and mergers in mobile, tablet, and content affecting campuses and classrooms?
  •  What are the international trends in educational technology and is the U.S. ahead or behind other countries?

   Las Vegas, NV