This provocative program will bring to light what is soon to be the new reality for business and society:
THE UBIQUITY OF AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY Come discuss the role these technologies can play in shaping
a more positive and abundant future for all.

A two-day “Exponential Technology & Leadership” event presented by Silicon Valley’s famed Singularity University, covering A.I., Robotics, Human Longevity, 3D Printing, Computers, Networks & Sensors, Virtual & Augmented Reality.
Consider this a boot-camp on exponentially growing technologies that will change how we live, work and play.

Artificial Intelligence
Robots in the Real World
The Future of Transportation
Autonomous Cars: When Robocars Rule the Streets
Human Genome, Human Longevity & the Microbiome
3D Printing: A Future of Abundance
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Virtual Worlds
Future Crimes & CyberSecurity
Group Discussion: Impact on Your Business

Silicon Valley